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Getting involved with the Norfolk In-care Council (NICC)

If you are in the care of or have been in the care of Norfolk County Council and would like a chance to have your say on anything to do with being in care... you can !

If you like working in a group there are 3 NICC groups for different ages in Norfolk. The groups meet with managers and are able to give their opinions on what works and doesnít work so well about the care system. It also gives managers a chance to ask the group what they think about things that management are working on.

The NICC groups also discuss what they think and if they identify something they feel could or should be improved or changed they will ask managers to come and speak to them about it. They also ask managers why things are done in a certain way or why things are not being done.

If you donít like large group work, you can get involved in job interviewing social workers, family support workers and managers. You could just ask to be sent surveys or to take part in events like training social workers, designing workshops for conferences, working on newsletters. Or if you have any other ideas on how to improve young people in careís understanding of their rights and experience of being in care we would love to hear from you.

For more information email NICC on or ring or text Irene Kerry on 07920723773.