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Getting involved with the Norfolk In-care Council (NICC)
Information for workers

If any young person you are working with expresses an interest in getting involved with participation activities please share the information on this website.

If they are not sure or feel uneasy about joining a group of people they don't know please contact Irene Kelly (see below for contact details) and she will phone or even visit the child/young person to help them feel at ease.

The age range for the groups is 7-25, although this isn't set in stone: if a 6 year old is keen we would not make them wait a year, but instead would rely on your judgement as you know them best.

The meetings are held every month in Norwich; transport, a sandwich meal and a £10 reward are provided.

Children and young people are encouraged to develop new skills, but are given time and opportunity to settle into the work. Development is at their speed and on areas they wish to develop.

Social care workers and foster carers are kept informed of progress and updates on what the child/young person has been involved in.

If the child/young person is keen then please give them Irene's contact details below or send her their name, contact details, phone number, date of birth and care first number and she will arrange the rest.

The NICC is about diverse involvement so if a child/young person has a disability, behavioural issue or anything that makes working with them challenging, it will have no bearing on their ability to get involved.

Everyone is welcome !

Contact details:

Irene Kerry
Corporate parenting user involvement officer
Room 501, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich NR1 2DL
Tel: 01603 679344
Mobile: 07920723773