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Structural changes to the In Care Councils.

Why change what we have?

Due to the move from areas to Operational divisions the in care councils will no longer be able to be supported by youth workers.

The move to this model means that one person can facilitate all 3 groups providing continuity and ensuring all are working at the same level.

It will provide a saving of approx 35% on the budget without harming the county wide involvement ethos which is so important to the ICC members.


It has been proposed by the County groups that they remain the same with just an additional limit on member numbers.

The main proposal is the disbanding of the area groups and instead having one area council that will meet monthly. This will consist of 4 representatives from each area.

Each meeting would start with all areas coming together to set any additional items to the agenda. They will then separate off and work in area based subgroups facilitated by a volunteer. The volunteers are all young people who have reached 21 or above and who have been members of the County ICC, but recognise the need to move on.

Social care area team managers would be invited into the sessions 4 times a year to work with their area In Care Council groups. During these meetings area managers can also be kept up to date on consultations, focus groups, the evaluation of the pledge on an area by area basis. They can also commission pieces of work from their area ICC during these meetings.