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Sometimes people forget that not everyone speaks the same as they do, we all use slang when talking to friends. Professional people, like social workers, also have a type of slang called jargon. We think knowing exactly what is being talked about is very important because how can you agree or disagree with something if you aren't sure what is being said.

Here is out guide to jargon social care workers use we hope it helps.

Just click on the letters below to get the list.

  • A to D (Assessment, Attendance centre, Care order, Care plan, Chairperson, Children's guardians, Children's homes, Child protection, Child protection register)
  • E to L (Emergency protection order, Family placement, Family support conference, Independent reviewing officer, Independent visitors, Interim care orders, Joint working, Key worker, Leaving care, Looked after)
  • M to Z (Parental responsibility, Placement with parents, Quality protects, Referrals, Reviews, Sanctions, Secure accommodation, Supervision order)