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Why this website is important to us

Why this website is important to us

Why we think we need this website by Angel

There is no other website in Norfolk made by young people in the care system for other young people in care.

If we don't really understand something. We can come on the website and read about experiences that other young people in care have had.

Or if we don't understand what some one has said to us or what is happening to us we could answer your questions or you might be able to find the answer to your questions on this website

We can make this website bigger and better and do consultations so we can find out what other young people in care want and think.

Problems we face when were in care

  • Meeting and getting along with new families
  • The money were are entitled to
  • We can be moved around a lot of different homes and schools
  • Contact with birth family
  • Some people could be bullied because they are in care

Top 3 reasons!!

  1. We deal with different problems than other children in a normal family circumstances
  2. We have no information on what is happening to us when we enter or are in the care system
  3. There's a website for everything else so why not one for people who really need it??