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Hi I am 19 years old and live in my own flat in North Norfolk.

I have a little boy now he is nearly 1 and so my life has changed a lot over the last year. I do not go out with friends as much as I did and usually I now invite them round to mine. We don't have mad parties and that though I don't like to drink when I know my son may get up in the night.

Its amazing being a mum, hard work but he is so worth it. I still love my music drum and bass, R n B n that and I still love hanging out with my mates.

I am studying with the open university at the moment as I want to get to university and have a career. I left school at 16 and wish I had stayed on now but you can't look back just forward !.

Life is good and will get even better when I get the job I want. I would love to work as a drugs worker with young people and I am going to be going on the Matthew projects training scheme soon so I am making step one towards getting where I want to be.