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What happens when I'm fostered?

Every young person who is looked after has a care plan. THEY are involved in this care plan. This includes things like going to school, contact with their family, medical appointments and how long they're likely to stay with Foster Carers or if they're going to be adopted. Social Workers arrange meetings so that all of this can be discussed.

It is your social worker's job to find the foster family that will suit you best. They then work closely with the foster carers to make sure you get the best possible care. Your social worker will tell your foster carers quite a lot about you, your family and your background, so that they can understand you and help you to settle down. It helps a great deal if you can help the social worker who is giving information about you, as you know most about your own life!

All families are different and being in a foster home may seem very strange at first. There will be new people, new rules and different routines, but your foster family will try to understand how you may be feeling and will try to help you settle into their family life. Your social worker will also be visiting regularly to try and help you and your foster carers to sort out any problems.

Remember, however, the effort cannot be all one-sided, you too must try to fit in with foster family life and routines.