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What is Fostering?

Family Placement or fostering is where a young person is cared for by another family. All sorts of different people become foster carers, but they are all people who like and get on with young people. Before Children's Services agrees to allow anyone to foster very careful enquiries are made about them. A social worker visits their home over several months to discuss their family, and how they would care for a foster child and help that child with any problems he/she may have. After this a report is written about whether the family are suitable to be foster carers and a decision is made about whether they should be 'approved' (allowed to foster).

All foster carers agree to look after any foster child placed with them as one of their own. They are paid an allowance to cover the costs of such things as meals, clothes, pocket money. They have their own fostering social worker who visits regularly to give the foster carers any help they need and make sure that the carers are looking after the child properly.