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How can you take part and what happens at a meeting?

How can you take part?

It is important that you are able to take part in your review. Your social worker should talk to you sometime before the meeting about.

  • What you want to say
  • How you want to be involved
  • Who will be coming to the meeting
  • What kinds of things will be discussed

There are different ways you can take part. You can:

  • Write something yourself or record it on tape
  • Come to all or part of the meeting. You can discuss having someone of your choice with you
  • Ask somebody else to tell the meeting what you want to say

What happens at the meeting?

People introduce themselves in case some of them don't know each other.

The Reviewing Officer says what the meeting is for and what is going to be discussed.

The order is not always exactly the same but is something like this:

  • Decisions of the last review meeting (if there was one)
  • Child or Young Person's wishes and views
  • How are you getting on in your home
  • Health
  • Education
  • Contact with family and friends
  • What decisions need to be made about your future